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What are the different types of resistance offered on exercise bikes?

Fans are sometimes used to provide resistance with the air they push as you pedal. Fan bikes offer smooth resistance at an affordable price. 

Belt resistance uses a belt that runs through a brake, with the friction between the two providing the resistance for the exercise bike. The resistance offered in these models is often variable. 

Magnetic resistance provides resistance that can usually be adjusted while riding the bike with the push of a button. Another benefit of magnetic resistance is that it is very quiet, which you might prefer if you like to watch TV while you ride your exercise bike.

What is the recommended equipment for ladies for starting out?

Depending on your health condition, we recommend our X-Bike series products to you. Our X-Bike series products are quite suitable for ladies usual fitness especially for the office ladies who are lack of exercise. And they are lightweight,foldable and detachable for easy storage.Last but not least, you could quickly move your cycle from room to room with built-in, front-mounted transport wheels. So,you see,it is a perfect choice for ladies all.

What is the maximum weight for a person riding a Spinner bike?

Our F101 series Spin bikes have a max user weight of 293lb. and the LF201/202 spin bikes  have a max user weight of 397lb. Product design testing includes a 4 Times Load Testing procedure, which means we take four times the maximum user weight and load it on different parts of the bike, such as the pedals, seat and handlebars, to ensure that the product will not fail. So although the max user weight is 293lb for the F101 series, we have actually loaded them with 1,172 lb. Similarly, t LF201/202 have actually been loaded with 1,588 lb.

Youth fitness guidelines for resistance training?

Pre-pubescent children should not exercise with a lot of heavy resistance on the flywheel. Youth fitness guidelines advise against resistance training for kids whose growth plates are still forming.We have F002A and F002D X-Bikes especially designed for teenagers.So we recommend them,not other adult design exercise bikes.More information,pls click our homepage.

How do I calculate my maximum heart rate?

The best place to start is with the age predicted formula, which is calculated by subtracting your age from 220 if you are a male and from 226 if you're a female. For example, if you're a 30 year-old man, your Age Predicted Maximum Heart Rate would be 190.

Should I choose a recumbent or upright exercise bike?

Although anyone can use a recumbent bike, they work best for elderly people and those with back or hip problems. Since you sit in a relaxed and comfortable position, it will put less pressure on those areas. Standard upright stationary bikes work more areas of your body than a recumbent bike, including your lower abdominal muscles. Choose an indoor bike that fits your health and fitness level as both styles will create an effective cardio and lower body workout.

Should I get an exercise bike with a built-in fan?

Some indoor bikes feature a fan built into the front wheel of the unit. As you turn the pedals, the fan turns, cooling off the surrounding area. Exercise bike fans will usually only blow on your legs, rather than your entire body. Still, they do a good job of cooling you off during your workout. If you live in a warm climate and are concerned about overheating during your workout, you should consider choosing an exercise bike with a built-in fan.

How much space do exercise bikes take up?

Exercise bikes take up different amounts of space depending on the make and model. Recumbent bikes take up more floor space than upright models. Measure the space you have available before choosing an exercise bike.

What do I need to know before I choose an exercise bicycle suitable?Any good advice?

Of course, buying an expensive, hi-tech stationary bike is pretty much a no-brainer, but for most of us money is an issue, so you might have to decide on a bike that offers the best value for money or one that fits your needs best without all the bells and whistles which are often unnecessary and only cost money. Also, the bike you have chosen should match your fitness goals.

It’s a lot easier to make a choice once you know what you really want, so I am going to discuss some of the key criteria considered by people when deciding on a new exercise bicycle.


For those who are hardcore cycling enthusiasts and also prefer the feel of riding an actual road bike, indoor cycling bikes are their best bet. 

If you are looking to lose weight, you need a bike that will help you do that, not just by having you pedal away like a madman but one that will also provide with all the crucial workout information you need to get good results as fast as possible. 

If you are looking to slim down, your need to lose excess fat, and that only happens in the fat-burning zone, at a certain heart rate, which mean you would need a bike with a built-in heart rate monitor.


While the very idea of pushing yourself to the limit and having sweat roll down your face like Niagara Falls has discomfort at its heart, comfort is something that needs to be considered seriously. For example, those how are suffering from back problems would most likely be uncomfortable using an upright bike.


If you are on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford a bike that’s going to whip you into shape effectively, but you will have to make some sacrifices. For instance, exercise bikes with integrated heart rate monitors tend to be more expensive, and if you can do without them why spend money on something you don’t really need?


Another factor to consider is the size of the bike as well as the size of your home. 

If your home is not so spaciousyou can opt to go with folding bikes, which can be tucked away neatly when you are not working out.if space is not an issue for you but you need something that will be sturdy and reliable, simply buy a non-folding or a indoor cycling bike.


I’m hoping you found this informative and useful.

Home Exercise or Going to the Gym?

It’s the eternal problem – should you exercise at home or go to the gym? Well, I can’t give you a definitive answer on thatbut here I will merely present the advantages and disadvantages of both options for your reference.


At home, it can be you with your friends, your music or your TV. At the gym, you will find yourself in a totally different atmosphere, since you will be sharing your space and time with people who have the same goals as you. Because everybody is focused, you feel more motivated to keep pedaling, while the home exercise can take longer than it should, because you are pedaling in your own rhythm or you spend time talking to whoever is in the room with you.

Equipment and Facilities

If you would rather pay a subscription fee than buy an exercise equipment for home use, the gym might be for you. The quality of the machines is mostly above what the exercise bikes for home use have to offer. Sure, you can buy professional indoor cycling cycles, but you would have to dig deeper in your pocket if you want one for your home. When deciding on the kind of equipment you want to use, think for how long you would want to go to a gym. Sure, subscriptions aren’t that costly, but if you’re in for the long haul, in the end, you might spend more on fees than you would spend on a bike with similar characteristics to the ones available in a gym.

At gyms, you might get additional services apart from the equipment at your disposal. There might be massaging and steam rooms included, which help you relax after a tiring workout. 


Not everybody can boast about having a gym right around the corner. For some people, the closest gym might be miles away and it can become tiresome after a while to keep driving to the location, just to get one hour of exercise. When exercising home, you could make good use of those 30 minutes you spent driving.

Fitness Trainers

It sure helps a lot to find the proper guidance at a gym if you are a novice. Trainers can come up with workout plans depending on your goals and are there to assist you, while at home, you mostly have to figure yourself how to exercise properly. Doing it at home also increases the chances of botching your workout, because you might cheat with the resistance level and the time spent on the bike, while a trainer would motivate you to complete your workout plan successfully. If you don’t take exercising that seriously or if you know what you are doing, then you can live without an instructor.