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“Loctek Fund” Donation Ceremony was Successfully Held in Ningbo Institute of Technology

2015-01-20 17:28:23

   On July 2nd in the afternoon,Ningbo Loctek Visual Technology Corp.( as Loctek Visual below) held “Loctek Fund” Donation Ceremony at the Ningbo Institute of Technology,Zhejiang University.Loctek and university’s related leaders and staffs,also the student representatives of related academies took part in this ceremony.

   Loctek Visual has cooperated with Ningbo Institue of Technology for a long time, not only providing job opportunity for the its students,but also offering education fund for excellent students as a courage for quite a long time.

   On the ceremony,Fei Yingqin secretary and Xiang Lehong chairman of Loctek signed the donation agreements and presented a donation certificate and entrepreneur guidance letter of appointment for Xiang Lehong chairman.In addition,Yang Jiangang vice president granted Loctek as Ningbo Institute of Technology’s education and employment base.

   On the ceremony,Mr.Xiang made a speech.He said Loctek will always welcome those targeted,energetic and aggresive students.

   According to the information,apart from Ningbo Institute of Technology,Loctek also sets “Loctek scholarship” for Ningbo university,Ningbo university of technology,and Jiangshan middle school.

Party Secretary -Liu Qi visited Loctek Visual,aiming to have a further learning of development and construction of the Dasong new zone in Ningbo

2015-01-22 09:48:27

  On July 1st,Liu Qi,standing member of  Zhejiang party committee,Ningbo party secretary,Wang Jianbo,standing member of Ningbo party committee,secretary-general of Ningbo Municipal Committee and other leaders of municipal,district government inspected Loctek Visual Technology Corp.( as Loctek Visual below).It is a most important part for the inspection of Liu Qi secretary.


  During inspection,the leaders of municipal and district goverment visited the product showroom of Loctek Visual,the chairman of Loctek Visual-Xiang Lehong showed and explained the effort they made on R&D,brand marketing,Internationalization and so on.Liu Qi tried the innovative game bracket,display bracket and exercise bike in person.He recognised that Loctek Visual is professional on differentiated marketing and appreciated Locket Visual’s aim to be bigger and stronger.


  According to the information,this inspection aims to know the overall construction and development situations of Dasong new zone.As one of the key enterprises in Dasong new zone,Loctek always makes great contributions to the construction for Dasong.