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Social Contribution

●Till 2014,LOCTEK have contributed amount up to 5000,000Yuan to the Colleges of NingBo



●LOCTEK Educational Reward Fund at Ningbo University of Technology

On May.20, 2010, LOCTEK signed the Agreement of Strategical Cooperation of Education and Production with Ningbo University of Technology. LOCTEK contributed 1,000,000 Yuan to establish “LOCTEK Educational Reward Fund at Ningbo University of Technology”. The 2 parties will start all-around strategical cooperation on technology decision and consultation, important technological solutions, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, company’s human resource training, construction of practice base, students’ practice, etc.   

●Special scholarship at Ningbo University 

Loctek has set up scholarship in Ningbo University since 2006, to award excellent students, with total amount up to 515,000 yuan.




●In 2010 year, LOCTEK contributed 510,000 yuan to the Green Carbon foundation of Yinzhou China


●Ningbo Jiangshan experimental high school Lijing Scholarship 

In May 2010, loctek set up Yinzhou District Lijing Scholarship . From 2010, Loctek transfer 30,000 yuan to   Jiangshanexperimentalhigh school every year, a total of 90,000 yuan for three years.

●LOCTEK contribute to the Charity every year
Loctek sign Poverty Reduction contribution agreement with Yinzhou District Charity, total in 2,000,000 yuan.


●Sichuan earthquake relief
In 2008, through provincial and municipal Charities, Loctek contributed in total  1,000,000 yuan.




●LOCTEK donated to Ningbo Charity

In 2007, Loctek contributed a total of 90,000 yuan.

●Yinzhou Jiangshan high school Lijing Scholarship

In 2006 & 2007, the students who are good at studying and good personality are encouraged by Lijing Scholarship in total of RMB40,000.

●Donating to Yinzhou Red Cross Foundation

In March 20, 2010, LOCTEK donated to the Red Cross in total of RMB300,000.

●In September 2009 , LOCTEK donated 20 mobile education speaker valued 100,000 yuan to Huangping,  Southeast, Guizhou


●In November 2009, LOCTEK donated 20 mobile education speaker valued 100,000 yuan to Wuling, Changde, Hunan